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Hypothyroidism Diet

The dietary needs of thyroid patients are important for their recovery. This is why the
Thyroid Recovery Plan places an emphasis on determining if any food allergies or 
sensitivities are present in our patients. 

The diet of anyone, not just those with thyroid problems, should be modified to include
fresh fruits and organically-grown vegetables, antibiotic/hormone-free lean  meats, and 
as little grains and sweets as possible.

The New Type of Food Allergy

Food allergies can cause overt signs and symptoms (Hives, Wheezing, Itching) but there is a subtler type of food allergy that doesn't produce such easily identifiable reactions. This type of food allergy can cause profound health issues that worsen with time.

In our book, "Wheat Gluten" (Amazon 2012), we point out how food allergies, especially wheat gluten, 
contribute to poorer health. Food allergies cause a wide range of symptoms and their effects may not
 immediately become apparent. A person may not realize that the cereal that they ate before going to 
bed was responsible for the headache they woke up with for instance. Another person may not connect 
that their abdominal bloating was caused by soy lecithin in a caramel apple they ate at the fall festival.

There has been a flood of research conducted on food allergies/sensitivities. While wheat gluten is still considered the top food allergen, many other commonly-consumed foods have been added to the list.

There are blood tests that can confirm if a person is producing antibodies against these foods. Often there is a cross-reaction of these allergen-classified foods with gluten. Gluten allergies may cause the initial immune response by the body which leads to the development of other food allergies.

The New Thyroid Diet 

In our latest book, What's Wrong With My Thyroid? , we discuss the importance of identifying a patient's food allergies. Gluten, not surprisingly, is a common food allergy among those with thyroid problems. When a person has a gluten food allergy, they usually have allergies to some other foods as well. We identify these food allergies and help patients avoid them in their diet. Sometimes, gluten and other food allergens are in foods that you wouldn't suspect. 

The new thyroid diet concentrates on food allergen avoidance and also pesticide, GMO foods, and preservative avoidance as well. The body can react to chemicals the same way it reacts to germs - by creating antibodies. We are now able to test for chemical sensitivities in addition to food. 

A customized diet is a cornerstone of our patient's health.

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